Film Articles & Interviews


Phedon Papamichael
Beverly Hills Christmas’ Announced
2FUR1 – Acting ain’t easy
65th Cannes Film Festival Guy Pierce and Tom Hardy – Lawless
A River Changes Course – A haunting look at ancient cultures threatened by industrial development
Abel Ferrara
Adrien Brody
Alec Baldwin
Alex Cox – The Razor’s Edge
Alki David –
American Cowslip
An interview with Debra Granik – My kind of filmmaker
An interview with filmmaker J.R Hughto – Diamond on Vinyl
An interview with Wes Sullivan; Nightbeasts
Anne Fontaine: The Vision Behind ‘Coco Before Chanel’
Anthony Crivello: Master of Theatre and Independent Film
Arresting Energy – Aesha Waks
Art of the Steal
Arthur M. Sarkissian – Silver Skies
Asia Argento – 23 Minutes with Asia Argento
Atom Egoyan
AVN/AEE 2012 Coverage: Red is the New Black
Bai Ling – Knockdown
Bared Maronian: Orphans of the Genocide
Ben Hur Sepehr
BENEATH: Interview with Larry Fessenden
Betrayal: An Interview with Jack Topalian
Blood Brother: An Interview with Steve Hoover
Bombay Sapphire – Imagination Series
Brazen Bull
Brian Dietzen: Congratulations
Brian Oliver: New Wave Film Financing
BUDRUS director Julia Bacha
Burma VJ
Camille Solari: Glam in La La Land
Carlo Di Palma
Carol Polakoff: Producing With Passion
Catherine Keener: A New York State of Mind
Cécile de France
Chai Vasarhelyi on Youssou N’Dour: What I Bring Is Love
Changed Days
Charlize Theron Interview
Cheri Lovedog
Chiron Films, Inc… Cee French Harth and Paul Harth
Chiwetel Ejiofor – The Actor’s Actor
Chris Hanley
Code Black – A vital sign of the times
Considering Fassbinder – Reflections from Todd Haynes
Consumed – An Interview with Zoe Lister-Jones
Dalton Narine
Daniel Bollag – Identical
Danielle Agnello Interview
Danny Boyle – Straight From the Archives
Danny Glover
Danny Trejo: From Convict to A-List
Daphne Rubin Vegas
Dare: A Conversation with David Brind and Adam Salky
Dario Argento
David Choe’s Dirty Hands: Interview with Harry Kim
David Michod roams into Animal Kingdom
David Sterling
Dawn Schiller: The Road Through Wonderland
Dennis Hopper: The Renaissance Man
Deon Taylor: No Brainer Films
Devon Aoki: Indie Gem
Documentary Producer to Watch at Cannes 2010: Ted Unarce
Don Coscarelli
Donna Spangler: Space Girls Invade Cannes
Dustin Hoffman Interview
Eagle eye – An interview with John Lalor
Ed Burns
Eliza Roberts
Emma Thompson Interview
Emmanuelle Schick (La Petite Morte)
Emmanuelle Seigner Joie de Vivre
Entrepreneur Vincent DeVille: VOD Tech Is “Good News” for Film Distributors
Eric Bress & Jonathan Mackye Gruber – The Butterfly Effect
Eric Roberts
Everybody loves Circo
Excellent Tribute to a Tortured, Talented and Neglected Musical Icon – James Booker
Facing Fear and Beating the odds
Fang Ling Lee
Femme:: Interview with Emmanuel Itier
Filmmaker to Watch at Cannes 2010: Barry Walker
Frankie Latina: Modus Operandi
Garry Pastore
Gedeon Burkhard Brings Back the Scalps: Inglourious Basterds
George Clooney is NOT Michael Clayton
Getting Obscene with Barney Rosset
Giovanni Zelko – He Who Dares Wins
Gregory Avellone – “Killing it”
Guy Maddin: The Interpreter of Dreams
Hagop Goudsouzian: Documenting Armenian music at its source
Howl: Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Weinstein
Independent Film Quarterly Film & Webisode Festival 2013 Recap
Indie and Irish at Tribeca Film Festival
Inner Demons – An Interview with Lara Vosburgh
Inner Demons – An Interview with Seth Grossman
INTERDIS GROUP: Galina Likosova, Hernán Humberto Restrepo
Interview with Andy Cassels
Interview with Nik Fackler, Director of Lovely, Still
Interview with Robert LaSardo
Invincible Pictures CEO Tom Ashley Launches FlixFling
Jaime Zevallos – ME YOU AND FIVE BUCKS
James Cameron
James Hanlon
Jamie Foxx and Deon Taylor
Jamie Kennedy – Heckle This!
Jamie Kennedy: Heckle This!
Jane Fonda
Janice Dickinson: Breaking the Mold
Jason Reitman
Jayne Mansfield’s Car runs like a Southern period soap drama
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child
Jennifer Tilly
Jeremy Irons on “Being Julia”
Jeremy Yamamura: Mutant Session
Jérôme Paillard: Executive Director of the Marché du Film
JESSALYN GILSIG: Somewhere Slow & Vikings
Jessica Alba
Joanna Angel: The Girl With the Burning Wings
John Sayles
John Sayles – Last Man Standing
John Travolta
John Waters
Johnny Depp
Jon Rosten: Valley of Angels
Jonathan Togo – Identical
Jordan Galland: Indie Filmmaker Finds the Holy Grail
Joseph Doughrity
Joshua Stern – Bright Young Thing
Jude Law
Jules Nasso
Julia Baird: Come Together…A Beatles Tribute
Julian Lennon: Whaledreamers
Kamal Ahmed
Kate Winslet
Kate Winslet in a Short Short
Kathleen Robertson – Chameleon of the Big and Small Screen
Keira Knightley
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Kevin Asch: Holly Rollers
Kevin Interdonato – IFQ Interview
Kristanna Loken – Lime Salted Love
Larry Edwards
Leelee Sobieski
Lisa Oidvin: An Illustrator’s Biography
LisaRaye McCoy: Back to Business
Lou Simon – HazMat
Ludivine Sagnier: France’s Best-Kept Secret
Luke Goss
Marilyn’s Man Interview with Schani KrugMarilyn’s Man: Interview with Schani Krug
Marina Zenovich – Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired
Mario Barth: Under The Skin
Mark Szaszy and photographer Corinne Day (Corinne Day Diary)
Matthias Schweighöfer: Germany’s Most Promising Actor
Meadow Williams
Melissa Leo: A Lion Among Actors
Melora Hardin: Life Outside the Office
Michael Cera and Sebastián Silva – Magic Magic 66th Cannes Film Festival
Michael Cerenzie – The Devil’s Advocate
Michael Douglas
Michael Gondry and Charlie Kaufman
Michael Madsen: The King of Cool
Michelle Romano – Milwood
Mike Figgis
Najarra Townsend
NATPE Content First 2012: Content and Connected
Nicholas Wrathall: Director of Gore Vidal: United States of Amnesia
Nick Nolte
Nick Taylor: Paradise East
Nicolas Cage
Noah Taylor
Olympia Dukakis: All the World’s A Stage & Finding Her Greek Roots
Orlando Bloom
Oscar Generale: Product Placement King in Cannes
Paul Sorvino: A Renaissance Man
Peter Cornwell: From Stop-Motion Animation Short to Blockbuster Sensation
Producer Angela Hinton Wins Prestigious Award at Cannes
Q and A with Tarek McCarthy
R: Redefining the Prison Drama
Recommended by Enrique – Innovative and indie
Revolution in Three Acts: An Interview with Valerie Veatch and Eden Cale
Rob Halford: From Metal God to Movie God
Rosa Karo: The Italian Key
Rose McGowan: B-Movie Queen
Rushlights – More Money More Problems
Rutger Hauer: From Cinematic Villain to Humanitarian and Festival Founder
Salma Hayek
Sarah Polley
Sasha Grey: No Boundaries Left to Cross
Sean Lennon: Rock Royalty to Indie Film Icon
Séance Fiction/Mixed Messages
Shadow People – Myth and Fact
Shawn Andrews: Discussing Fix
Sienna Miller and Steve Buscemi
Slammin’ The Salmon with Broken Lizard
Southern Baptist Sissies: An Interview with Del Shores
State of Nevada Film Office – Charles Geocaris, Director
Steve Rousseau – Body Politic
Taking The HighRoad with The Perfect Game
Talbot Perry Simons
Talking Finance with Michael Cerenzie
Ted Unarce takes indie film in a new direction
The Bad Penny: An Interview with Todd Bellanca
The Best of the West: An Interview with Nathan Robertson
The Breakthrough of Ashleigh Sumner
The Escort – An Interview with Michael Doneger
The Escort – An Interview with Will Slocombe
The Forgiveness of Blood – Joshua Marston
The Little Tin Man – Big Picture for a Little Indie
The Lost Secret of Immortality
The Rock
The Sisters Plotz – Vintage, Whimsical Fun
The Suspect
The Violent Kind: The Butcher Brothers
The Women In Film Foundation and Netflix: The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Todd Haynes – Chronicling A Rolling Stone
VALENCIA – Mission Experimental!
Van Maximilian Carlson – The Troll
Vincent Gallo
War and Remembrance – Hell and Back Again director Danfung Dennis
Weekend Killer
White Reindeer, a Twisted Christmas: An Interview with Zach Clark
Willie Nelson: Fighting with Anger
‘Road to Nowhere’ Leads to Cannes
‘The House of Lizzie Borden’ Announced
“SPACE TOURS – Mission E. V. A.” –