Review: Romantic Comedy “The Town That Came A-Courtin”

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If you’re looking for a feel-good movie that will teach you about the importance of true happiness and unconditional love, “The Town That Came A-Courtin” is definitely a perfect pick.

Abby Houston (Lauren Holly) is a successful yet loveless writer from Georgia. For a book signing tour, she and her publicist Jamie (Lucie Guest) goes to the peaceful and beautiful town of Bliss in Mississippi… only to find the love that she has long been waiting for in the persona of Mayor Spencer Alexander (Cameron Bancroft).

Based from a Ronda Rich novel, the plot of the story revolves around how Abby keeps herself busy, happy, and contented with writing books and making it to New York’s bestseller charts. Yes, she is that successful that she even calls herself “a lucky woman”, but her mama believes otherwise. For her mother Lizzie Beth (Iris Quinn), she needs a man that will make her happy for the rest of her life and that she should spend more time looking for love instead of promoting her books. Determined to show her mama that she’s happy and more willing to explore the world through her writing rather than dating her childhood sweetheart again, Abby goes on a trip to Bliss, which will eventually turn into a life-changing journey.

There she meets Mayor Spencer Alexander whom she thought was an ordinary citizen. While the story progresses, the people of Bliss diligently ask the author to date their mayor. Abby was hesitant at first because she thought they were referring to the previous mayor, but when she found out that it was actually the attractive Spencer who wants to ask her out on a date, she excitedly agreed of course and was even anticipating of a really romantic night. But during their second date, a letter came for Spencer, and this would then change his mood, destroying the romantic feel on the air and making Abby feel sour toward the mayor.

Another wonderful angle of the film is when a passionate fan kidnaps Abby on her way home to Georgia with the demented imagination that they’ll marry and live happily ever after in his isolated hunting home. The author’s absence led Spencer and the whole Bliss in a search spree, but it turns out Abby also had her own escape plan. In the end, the 2 almost lovers met again and had a chance to talk things out. Spencer explained that the letter he received during their date night came from the parents of his late wife, and he was deeply touched about their message of blessing and acceptance that he got too emotional to continue the date with Abby.

All’s well that ends well, Abby accepted the mayor’s apology and the 2 decided to stay together in Bliss for a while to enjoy their new relationship under the condition that Abby would postpone her book launch tour and the mayor would withhold his responsibilities for the town. And of course, the people of Bliss was a hundred per cent supportive and happy for the 2 since they have really been longing to match their charming and kind mayor with a perfect woman.

Aside from Lauren Holly and Cameron Bancroft, this romantic-comedy even became sweeter and smile-inducing with the presence of the radiant Valerie Harper who played as the hospitable bed and breakfast owner and served an important role, along with the prayer chain ladies in Bliss, in Spencer’s courtship to Abby.

The feel-good atmosphere of the movie’s setting, the humorous lines, and the beautiful characters will really make any romantic-comedy fan love romance and everlasting happiness even more. Holly perfectly portrays a down-to-earth and kind career woman, while Bancroft charmingly plays a good-looking, gentleman, and responsible mayor and father. The equally kind-hearted people of Bliss as well will give the audience an idea that with cooperation and diligence and pure intentions, a lasting love will surely be formed. Finally, the town of Bliss will make everybody feel peacefully at home! The place offers contentment, genuineness, optimism, peace of mind, and true BLISS that are hard to find in huge and chaotic cities.

You should definitely watch this David Winning film if you want to smile from start to finish, and believe in the possibility of finding your one true love when you don’t really look for them and just leave everything to destiny and right timing. (wink)

ITN Distribution and Eone Entertainment have released the film on May 2nd in Walmart and all DVD outlets in North America.

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